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Addicted to Drugs or Alcohol in Cincinnati ?

Are you or a loved one addicted to drugs or alcohol? Call (937) 240-0126 and get help today. Our addiction counselors will help you get placed to a rehab facility and start your path to recovery. Do not wait until it is too late. Others in Cincinnati have already recovered from their addiction and you can to. Call the Cincinnati addiction hotline today. The call is free and completely confidential.


I got the best Christmas present ever this year all because of the treatment my son received at this facility! My son celebrated one year clean this month and I did not have to bury my child.

Becky Ann Arnett Morris

By far the best treatment I have received, your not just a number here .. The first 24 hours I had met the president, case manager, doctor they personally come to you. Anything you need they are there. I recommend this place for anyone.

Molly Coggins

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