A lot of people drink alcohol. A drink or two over the weekend is not something to be worried about. However, drinking during the day in an insane amount could indicate that you have a drinking problem. When can you say that dependence exist? Read along to find out what the early signs are and how you can get help for alcohol addiction in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Heavy Drinker or Alcohol Addict?

Although these terms may give the impression of being the same, a heavy drinker is different from an alcoholic. Having more than one serving of alcoholic drinks per day for women and two for men is considered as a heavy drinker. Sad to say, a great number of people exceeded this threshold. The longer a person binges on alcohol, the more likely he or she will become addicted to alcohol.

Early Signs

While there is no exact formula that can tell if a person is addicted to alcohol, there are certain symptoms that can reveal an addictive behavior to alcohol. The most common one is experiencing temporary blackouts after an alcohol binge. This short-term memory loss is a tell-tale sign that a person had too much to drink. Even when not confronted, a person who abuses alcohol may exhibit extreme mood swings and irritability. To cover up for his or her unusual drinking habit, the person makes it as an excuse as either a way to relax or to help him or her deal with stress.

When the Habit Becomes a Problem

Aside from the early signs, one way to tell if a person is becoming dependent on alcohol is when it starts to affect a lot of his or her personal, work, and even social life. The person may want to drink rather than attend to life’s important obligations. He or she will also choose to be isolated from friends and family members – drinking alone or in secret. For some people, a change in appearance and having a new set of “alcoholic-looking” friends is very notable.

Lastly, a suspected alcoholic will deny the habit. Denial, in itself, is a problem since it prevents the person from seeking treatment. Acknowledging that there is a problem is the first step toward overcoming alcohol addiction.

Call Our Alcohol Addiction Hotline in Cincinnati, Ohio Today

Alcohol addiction can lead to a number of issues that affect not only the alcoholic but also the people close to him or her. There are also health complications that must be considered too. Recognizing the signs early on means you can help yourself or someone else recovers from alcohol addiction before things get worst.

There are a number of rehabilitation and recovery programs that can be used to treat alcohol addiction. What is important is that you recognize the importance of working with an experienced rehab specialist who can guide the alcoholic through every step of the treatment process.

Long-term sobriety can be achieved when alcohol addiction is treated early. Call our Cincinnati addiction hotline at (937) 240-0126 today!